The Importance of Playing Hookie

The Importance of Playing Hookie

 Last week I get an email from my husband, “I wish you could take off on Friday. Then I’d take off and we could have a day out and about.” This peaked my interest so I checked with work and emailed him back, “I can take off Friday. It’s on!” So the hubs and I decided to take a “planned hookie day” and drive up to Chattanooga for the day while the girls were in school.
As soon as the girls were on the bus the hubs and I hit the road. It was a fairly uneventful drive which is always a plus. We made it in record time and even had time to walk around before lunch. Little did we know this past weekend was the Head of the Hooch rowing regatta. Apparently it’s one of the largest regattas with over 2,000 boats racing over the course of 2 days! Nuts I tell you!

 Boats everywhere!
After walking around a bit it was time for lunch. After previously googling places to eat in Chattanooga I found one right by the aquarium called Pucketts. It looked pretty cool and their menu looked amazing so we decided to give it a shot. It was amazeballs! The food was fantastic and the atmosphere is awesome! Our waiter was pretty great too! He was very knowledgeable about the menu and gave great suggestions, he also didn’t mind all of our questions. lol.
Come to find out the reason we never knew about this restaurant is because it’s only been open a year. It used to be TGI Fridays. So if you haven’t been there you really should check it out. You won’t be disappointed.
Hubs did the “Build your Own Burger” and I did the sliders and got one of each. The chicken, pork, and the brisket. The chicken was the best one by far! Their BBQ sauce was soooooooooo good!
Normally we don’t do dessert but we had to make an exception for this peach cobbler. OMG there are no words. I want to drive back up there for more like now!
And I don’t really make it a habit to snap pics of restaurants bathrooms but this one was too cool! It was doors separating the stalls. Definitely a neat bathroom.
After stuffing our faces we made our way over to the aquarium. We’ve been here many MANY times but it’s nice walking through just us and taking our time. We figured it wouldn’t be too crowded since it was a work/school day however we didn’t take into account that there would probably be field trips. It was still a blast though.
Someone must have put Mr. Gator in a time out.
After the aquarium we walked around some more. We made sure to check out the Moon Pie Store because why the hell not? If you’ve never been you should really check it out. I actually brought home some banana moon pies as well as a chocolate and a strawberry. I didn’t try the strawberry but my little one said it was awesome!
It was a great day out and about with my hubby. I fully believe every couple should do this at least once a month or at least once every other month. Just get away by yourselves and reconnect a bit. I know it’s hard if you have little ones at home but it’s very important to make your marriage a priority. Hubby and I ventured away from that for a bit and it hurt more than it helped so we are back to making our marriage and our time together a priority. That’s why this little day trip made our weekend. We were back by the time the girls got home from school and we took them out for dinner.
I truly believe we are better parents because we take time for ourselves. Sounds crazy but it helps relieve stress which helps us parent better.
If you can’t squeeze in an entire day then I’m a huge fan of date nights. Find a sitter and go out to dinner. Take a few hours to yourself, have a glass of wine, and enjoy each others company. Reconnect! Every couple needs this every now and then. There is no shame! Take care of each other! I cannot stress this enough.
Enjoy your spouse just as you enjoy time with your kids. And if you feel guilty just take the kids out next time. 😉
Thanks for reading!


One thought on “The Importance of Playing Hookie

  1. Loftspeaker1 says:

    Sometimes a day off can give a real nice boost! Married couples need to have that time together alone. Having kids doesn’t mean that everything goes on the back burner for the parents😁.
    Take a look at my article “Seduce Your Husband”

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