Book Snob or Just Picky?


I have a lot of fellow authors and readers on my Facebook and recently I was scrolling along seeing post after post about new releases, great reviews, pre-orders available, etc. I catch myself going along thinking in my head…”That looks good!” “Paranormal…Pass” “Love that cover” “YA, eh not my thing.” And so on and so on that it made me think, am I a book snob? I mean these readers are reading and loving everything and I seem to be stuck on one genre and I even pick at those.

These days I gravitate towards contemporary romance. When I first started reading it was all paranormal romance like Twilight, Lynsay Sands, House of Night but then I lost my love for the unrealistic stories. Don’t get me wrong I still read them but I have to really REALLY want to. And contemporary now seems to be the genre I stick to. I’ve read very few YA stories in fact I think the Twilight series and the House of Night series were the only ones I’ve actually read.

Now it’s pretty much all contemporary romance and lately romantic thrillers are at the top of my TBR list. The Girl on the Train…LOVED IT! I couldn’t put that book down! Behind Closed Doors…DEVOURED IT! It Ends With Us….Now one of my top favorite stories EVER! They are all realistic and they catch you almost immediately.

That’s the other thing, if the book doesn’t catch my interest within the first few chapters I’m out. I don’t have time to invest in something that’s not keeping me interested. I have a full time job, 2 kids, and a husband so if I want to read I better really want to read. I literally have to carve out time to read a freaking book.

It’s hard because I struggle to like more than your typical contemporary romances but unfortunately those have been the ones to catch me more than the others. I see someones TBR list and it’s full of YA or paranormal romances and I want to like them but I just don’t. My imagination sucks. Yes, I admit it. I’d much rather watch Supernatural than read anything paranormal these days.


So maybe I am a book snob or maybe I just have a particular preference that I keep with whereas others do not. Some readers are happy to read anything and everything they can get their hands on and that’s great! I applaud those readers! But I have to be very selective in my reading choices since I honestly don’t get that much time to actually read. Some readers can stay awake til the wee hours of the morning but if I did that I wouldn’t be able to focus the next day for work. There’s the weekend but my husband and I and usually the kids are usually out all weekend doing one thing or another so my reading time is next to nothing. Unless something just grabs me then I’m hooked. I’ll sneak in a few minutes of reading at work, I’ll read while I’m cooking, I’ll squeeze in some time to read before bed in the evenings so if I’m reading a book and telling someone about it you can believe I really enjoyed it.

But hey, what I love may not be something you would like at all. So really it’s all about what stories you really like and if you don’t like all the genres out there then oh well. I don’t think you’re a snob, I just think you have a preference. Now I did see a post once that said “I only read Best Sellers”, at first that does come off as a little snobby because there are so many stories out there that don’t make the best seller list but they are amazing stories. Honestly, you are selling yourself short if you only stick with the best sellers however I do understand it to a point. Perhaps that person just wants to read something that they know for a fact everyone else likes? Perhaps they don’t have the time to invest in a book either unless they are sure? I don’t know but to each their own.

So I don’t know if I’m a book snob or just a person with limited interests but either way I love what I love and refuse to apologize for it.

If you are curious I’m posting my TBR list below…..(And maybe a few I’ve read and must insist you download) 😉

It Ends With Us ~ Colleen Hoover

The Couple Next Door ~ Shari Lapena

American Queen ~ Sierra Simone

Being Brooke ~ Emma Hart

Pretending He’s Mine ~ Lauren Blakely

Ego Maniac ~ Vi Keeland

Vicious ~ LJ Shen

Bad Mommy ~ Tarryn Fisher

Beautifully Damaged ~ L.A. Fiore

Scarlet Beginnings ~ Amber Leigh  — Hey, that’s mine! 😉 Okay, you know I had to throw that one in there.

Thanks fellow bookies!



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