The Girl on the Train ~ Movie Review


Let me start by saying I only heard about this book because I heard about the movie two months before it’s premiere. I looked it up and was intrigued so I decided to read it before seeing the movie. I finished the book weeks before the movie and literally counted down the days until I could see this book portrayed on the big screen. I was not disappointed. I loved every second of this movie.

I hear it all the time ‘The book is so much better than the movie’ well of course it is. I never get frustrated when I see a movie and realize the book is better because frankly that’s how it’s supposed to be. Do you realize how long a movie would be if they crammed everything that was in the book into the movie? They typically do the best they can and make sure they get in all the key points. The only time I get frustrated is when they change situations completely so that they don’t even mirror the book at all. That being said, yes the book was better than the movie for the simple fact that you got more of the story with the book.

The movie did the book justice, in my opinion. I was curious how they were going to bounce back and forth between the characters like they do in the book and I was pleasantly surprised by how well they pulled it off. However, if you haven’t read the book then the switching view points may be a tad confusing at first. Hell, it was confusing a bit in the book. I remember going back a couple times to see which character’s POV I was currently reading. The movie does this very well but if you walk away with remembering one piece of advice from this blog post let it be this, READ THE BOOK! The book fills in the gaps.

I would have liked to see a little more of Anna’s story but again I understand she was not the main focal point.

I was a little worried about how they would portray Emily Blunt (Rachel) as a broken down alcoholic but I must say she pulled it off extremely well. Almost too well. Emily do you have something to tell everyone? 😉 Rachel’s story is definitely one you have to pay attention to because you blink and there’s a twist.

Haley Bennett as Megan was genius. That’s exactly how I pictured Megan, skinny, blond, beautiful, with killer eyes. Her story was portrayed wonderfully. You can see how broken she is and her back story will make just about any woman weep. (Thank God they didn’t get too overly graphic with this situation in the movie)

You can’t go wrong with the men chosen for this movie either. Believe me there is plenty of eye candy to go around.

I didn’t expect as much sex as I saw in this movie. Sex isn’t really described in the book much, it’s more implied so seeing it so much throughout the movie caught me off guard. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining it was just unexpected.

The twists and turns are all in the movie. I don’t feel like reading the book took anything away from the movie and vice versa. I was very happily surprised with how well the movie stuck with the book.

Only issue, the ending was different and they didn’t dive into the dynamic between Rachel and Scott as much as the book but then again they only have so much time in a movie.

All in all great movie, great book, great story telling! If you haven’t read it definitely read it and then see the movie. I wasn’t disappointed so hopefully you won’t be either. There is a reason why this book is/was a best seller.

 Thanks for checking out this post!

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