LuLaRoe~Trend or Nah?

It seems like overnight LuLaRoe has blown up even though it’s been around for the past four or five years. One day I had never heard of them then the next I’m hearing women all over my Facebook even some co-workers talking about these ‘buttery’ leggings they have fallen in love with. Now I’m a jeans girl, always have been, so when I first heard about these magical leggings I waved it off. “Leggings? Really?” “Aren’t those for sitting at home in the evening?” “What’s up with all the funky designs?” Well, I must confess that I’ve been converted.

A friend and co-worker knew I was intrigued so she added me to one group on Facebook. I had zero intention of buying any because let’s face it these leggings are $25 a piece BUT then one of the consultants had a contest and my friend tagged me in and voila we each won a pair of leggings. The minute I put those leggings on it was over. They were so soft, so comfy, and just flat out amazeballs. It definitely helped that I had just had surgery so these did not hurt my belly button like jeans did. I was a convert within minutes.


I now own 15 pairs of leggings, 3 classic t’s, 2 perfect t’s, and a maxi. That one Facebook group I was a part of is now more like 20. I became addicted real fast. Then I noticed something. Women were flocking to these LuLaRoe events, parties, online groups, and live sales just like so many things before, Fit Bits, smoothie makers, every new Starbucks coffee known to man, essential oils, Premier jewelry, etc. So it got me thinking, “Exactly how long will LuLaRoe be a ‘thing’?”

Let’s face it LuLaRoe is a trend just like anything else. It’s been around for years, it’s reaching it’s peak now, and I’m 99% sure it will begin to fizzle out here soon. I see all these consultants making thousands upon thousands on their inventory and I’m so happy for them but all I can think is, “What will they do when the hype is over?” I hope they have another plan in place and if I’m wrong (which believe me I hope I am) then I will be happy for them all, rejoice, and will definitely continue to support them.


I’ve already cut way back on my LuLaRoe involvement. I still love it, still look through the albums, still wear the leggings at least 5 days a week but let’s face it the prices for their stuff is kind of high. I mean $36 for a t-shirt? I can get that on Amazon for cheaper. So it’s becoming hard to justify.

Nevertheless, LuLaRoe is a ‘thing’ now and I’m sure it will continue for the next few months, maybe even a year but I do feel like it will fizzle out at some point. I will continue to wear the leggings though because they really are comfy. I even started loving all the funky designs and have even found myself shopping for shirts to match. It’s a vicious cycle. Way to go LuLaRoe owners, you must be making a killing.

So yes LuLaRoe is blowing up everywhere, they are more on the expensive side, it’s definitely a trend, but for now it sure is fun! I can’t wait to see what’s next on the trend-o-meter. 😉


Thanks for reading!



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