13 Reasons Why (A Torn Mom)

Unless you live under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard of the new series on Netflix called “Thirteen Reasons Why” that is based on a novel that has brought many issues to the public eye. Many issues that have always been there but yet aren’t spoken of often. Why? Because they are too horrible to even think about let alone mention out loud.

My daughter is 14 and she recently asked me about the show. All of her friends are watching it and she asked what I thought about it and if I thought she should or could watch it. I’ve been debating this for days now. My daughter battles with anxiety daily, she’s battled with a few of the issues mentioned on this show in the past, she is highly acceptable to triggers such as these so as a mom my first reaction is HELL NO! I know she’ll be watching it in the middle of the night when nothing else is going on. The absolute worst time to watch in my opinion.

As a mom (like many others) I want to shield my child from anymore anguish. I mean these teens deal with these same issues on a daily basis why watch a show that just hammers it on them even more? Then I think as an adult we watch shows like Sons of Anarchy that has many of the same issues but we are older and can separate ourselves from these shows better than teens can. So what do I do? Do I let her watch and hopefully learn what NOT to do or do I keep her from it even though she hears it from her fellow students and friends?

In my opinion this show is just another ‘trend’. It’s hot right now but it will die off soon. But we all know when some teens are watching or doing something and some aren’t they are now ‘losers’ for not participating. Why do teens these days want to suffer so badly? It seems like they thrive on depression, self loathing, and issues that are mentioned on this very show. I don’t get it.

I think I may give in and suggest that if she wants to watch it that badly and see what it’s all about she and I can watch together. That way I am there with her. That may be the only way I’m comfortable with it. Am I comfortable watching a show about suicide, rape, and drug abuse with my kid? NO. But I’m even more uncomfortable with the idea of her watching alone and being triggered and having no support.

I am definitely torn on this show and whether or not my 14 year old daughter should be watching it. Have any of you other moms had the same issue? How have you handled it?

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National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why (A Torn Mom)

  1. Phyllis Whittam says:

    I’m a mom of a 14 year old who attends a small Christian school. My daughter started watching 13 Reasons Why before I knew it. After she told me we watched a few together and talked. I emphasizwd that there should be a follow up series called 13 Reasons Why NOT! We have an extended family member who at the age of 23 found his 13 reasons why. The aftermath of this experience and incredible loss is NOT truly told in the series. While I agree we need more dialogue and suicide prevention, it’s a “wait and see” how this series affects the kids at risk and their friends and bullies. The affects of one person’s suicide is far reaching and as I’ve heard from experts, the problem the child faces is temporary while suicide is permanent and NOT a solution!!! I pray that this series will open up dialogue between kids and friends/parents/teachers/family/community/churches, etc. The theme for us talking should be compassion, solutions, and more than 13 Reasons Why NOT!!!

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