Savannah for a Family of Five


After laying out all the options for our kids it seemed Savannah, Georgia was agreed upon unanimously. We did some research and decided on a 4 night stay. I had heard from countless people that you can do and see everything in Savannah within a 2 day period while now I do agree with that statement I’m glad we chose to do 4, I’ll explain as I go…

Since Savannah is a 7+ hour drive we opted on driving halfway, spending the night in Macon, GA then waking up Monday and driving to Savannah. We planned it out to be in Savannah by lunch time so we could maybe do a few things before checking in to our condo. So Sunday morning came and we drove our rented Tahoe to Macon, Georgia. We pulled up to Comfort Suites around noon and they had no rooms ready yet and asked us to go back after an hour so we decided to go eat lunch and try again after. An hour later and she said there were still no queen rooms so she upgraded us to a queen suite which was just a bit bigger and with our big family we were happy to accept the upgrade.

There were two queen beds and a pull out sofa bed in one big room. I don’t recommend this idea for those with teen children. While mostly it was good and the girls even got to go swim a bit the husband and I were ready for bed at 10pm while the others were still wide awake however we made it work. We woke up Monday morning and set out for our vacation.

Day 1: We arrived in Savannah right around 11 o’clock in the morning. That’s typically our lunch time anyway and on the drive toward Savannah we figured we would make a reservation and eat lunch at The Pirates House. We made the reservation for 11:30am but there was no line whatsoever so we got a table immediately.


Most of us went with the buffet. It was a little more on the small side but the food was really good. We saw no pirates dressed up though which was a bit of a let down. I’m figuring they do more around dinner time than lunch because from the reviews I read people went on and on about the buffet and the pirates so perhaps we just came too early. Nevertheless, it was a good experience. After lunch I thought I’d just call and find out if our condo was ready. Most of the time we get pretty lucky in this area. I called and she said that it was clean but hadn’t been inspected yet and that it should only be another hour and a half and they would text me once it was ready. So now we had to figure out how to kill a couple hours so we decided to go ahead and do a trolley tour.

We chose the Old Town Trolley tour. It’s a 90 minute tour around historic Savannah with 15 different stops at some of the main tour places there. Our tour guide was Cindy and bless her she was the ultimate Southern Girl with the accent and everything. It was so much fun just listening to her. She did a great job with telling us a lot of the history of Savannah some my 14 year old even remembered later on that day! While this was an excellent way of killing time I don’t recommend doing it how we did. Since it is an on off trolley tour the tickets are good all day so we should have made a day of it and hopped on and off at different locations especially since it was $165 total for the five of us. But it did help pass the time and luck would have it right as we were starting to walk to our car my phone dinged to alert us that our condo was ready to go.

We decided to not stay in downtown Savannah and instead stay on Tybee Island. Our logic was that in our ‘down’ time we could go on the beach or what not. Turns out that plan didn’t really work out either since we really only visited the beach once the entire time. More on that later.

It’s about a 20 min drive from downtown Savannah to Tybee Island. We checked in at the rental office and got to our condo which was about 300 feet from the beach. It was called the Seaside Watch, it had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a pull out sofa bed, a full kitchen, and a balcony.

It was a very nice condo and reasonably priced. All three girls were very happy with the accommodations. I was just happy it had a washer/dryer. We unpacked then hit the nearest grocery store to stock up. We were going to do lunches out and do dinners at the condo, I think we did that twice. The kids at dinner Monday night in the condo while hubby and I decided to get away for some alone time. We walked down the street to a restaurant called Stingrays.


While the food was good it wasn’t exactly what we ordered. We ordered grilled shrimp and they brought fried and we didn’t get the sides that was supposed to come with it but did get the extra side we requested. They did mention that the our waitress was very new and still learning. We didn’t make much of a fuss but was a little disappointed. The drinks there were amazing though! Hubby opted for the pina colada while I got the mango sunrise. Both were delicious! After we walked back to the condo we spent the rest of the evening getting settled and relaxing from the long day.

Day 2: We woke early and got a jump start on our day. We arrived in downtown Savannah around 9:30 and started walking. The Cathedral of John the Baptist was beautiful and the inside just as breathtaking! This is a must see in Savannah even if you aren’t Catholic which we are not. Totally worth seeing!

After that we began walking in the direction of the place we were going to eat lunch at which involved walking through Forsyth Park. The beauty of this place is remarkable and the architecture was amazing! I didn’t realize at the time how HUGE Forsyth Park was! The tour guide actually told us that the fountain had been purchased from a mail order catalog back in the day. How cool is that?


Once we walked through the park we found our lunch location, Betty Bombers. To our surprise it was located in an American Legion. It caught us a bit off guard but the atmosphere inside was too cool. There are Betty Bomber posters everywhere, military planes hanging from the ceiling, and the waitresses were dressed as Betty Bombers. It was pretty cool. I chose this place not only for it’s cool factor but it had everything on the menu burgers, chicken, and tacos.


After lunch we walked back through Forsyth Park and Colonial cemetary and finally back to our vehicle. We then ventured to Bonadventure Cemetary. This was highly rated as a place to see in Savannah so after a short 10 min drive we pulled up. Parking while free is small but there wasn’t many people there at all. The cemetary was HUGE! We couldn’t even walk the entire place but it was peaceful and beautiful to say the least. Although it was definitely hot and we were all being eaten alive by mosiquitos and after hearing all the stories of people dying from yellow fever it was a little freaky.


Once we were done exploring and our legs were about to fall off we went back to our condo and called it a night. This was the only night we actually just ate whatever at the condo instead of going out.

Day 3: Rain, rain, and more rain. It rained practically all day long. It stopped long enough for us to go to lunch at Spanky’s which was a short walk from our condo. This was another restaurant that had everything on the menu, burgers, chicken, seafood, and pasta. I had the Cajun shrimp wrap and it was sooooooooooo delicious. Shame on me I didn’t get any pictures of the food there unfortunately.

After lunch we walked and shopped a bit at the local souvnoir shops then went back to the condo until close to dinner time. Since we had a hearse ghost tour reservation at 7 o’clock we went out for dinner at the Riverwalk. We ate at The Cotton Exchange right there on the Riverwalk. I’m happy to report not one complaint there. It was more on the bar and grill side but still family friendly and the food was great!


Once it hit 6:40pm we walked over to the Holiday Inn where we were meeting our hearse for the ghost tour. After clearing up a small mix up with who our tour guide would be we loaded up in the hearse with a couple who was actually staying in one of the haunted inn’s and began our tour. Our tour guide was “Hibby Jibby Jennifer” and she was fantastic!  I was a little worried because at first I thought we would be getting Scary Steve and I read that he could be pretty scary and with having an autistic teen with us I was worried but Jennifer was definitely perfect for us. She was more funny than scary and we all had a blast! Our teens say this was their favorite part of the trip.


And yes that is an actually hearse that has been converted for the tours. A little creepy but totally awesome! There was even a small pit stop for a potty break and the adults could get grown up drinks and bring it with them on the tour. Awesomesauce!

The tour was a little over an hour and yes we definitely got rained on but the rain only sprinkled mostly until the end of the tour of course then we had to run to our car and back to the hotel we went to call it a night.

18950922_10211753403104665_7684948890060780334_n20170607_214235Ghost or nah???

Day 4: Last day. At this point my husband and I were exhausted. The condo was nice but the bed was horrible! We got hardly any sleep the entire time we were there. The bed was like sleeping on a rock and the pillows were lumpy. There was also a street light right outside the window that kept coming on and going off literally and I mean literally every 30 seconds. It was maddening.

After some coffee we headed down to the Riverwalk. First we went to see the Waving Girl. Awesome story about a girl who’s love had to go away so he asked her to stand by the river and wave at all the ships that came in. She stood there morning, noon, and night for 44 years waving at all the ships that came in. Hubby says crazy, I say romantic.


We walked the Riverwalk and ventured into most of the stores then ate at Olympia. Luckily they had more than just greek food given our picky eaters. We walked a bit more down by the river before making our way to the Lighthouse.




We started to make our way back to Tybee Island. We were going to try to do Fort Pulaski and the Lighthouse but we all agreed we were too give out so we decided on just the Lighthouse instead.


Beautiful scenery and the museum was pretty neat as well. Two of our teen girls walked to walk up the 178 steps to the top so we let them have at it while we took in the sights.


Once everyone was finished at the Lighthouse we made our way back to the condo. Then we finally decided since it was our last day there we would go out to the beach. Savannah beach is definitely a lot different than most we are used to like Gulf Shores. Unlike Gulf Shores, Tybee beach has dark sand and the water was dark and cloudy. I’m not sure if it was from all the rain or not but the kids had a good time.



Later as if all that walking wasn’t enough we walked down to the pier overlooking the water. It was a very nice pier that offered grown up drinks and plenty to see. We stayed out there for maybe a half an hour before grabbing some pizza from Lighthouse pizza and crashing back at the condo.

At first we were going to leave to head home around 6am but hubby and I decided to wake up at 3am and hit the road by 4am. Crazy? Yeah maybe but at this point we were so beyond ready to be back at home and in our own bed. It was a fun trip but exhausting especially with three teen girls but it was worth every second.

I highly recommend visiting Savannah at least once just to see and hear all the history. It really is fascinating and the girls even loved it! It made for a nice beginning to our summer.

Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Savannah for a Family of Five

  1. Angie Eakes says:

    Wow !!!! This was great.
    I am glad you all had a great time. I have always heard it was a Great place to visit.
    Thanks for sharing. I love reading your blogs.

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