Plexus ~ Week One


Exactly one week ago I decided to give Plexus a shot and see if I in fact started to feel better. Normally I don’t do these sort of things. I don’t give in to the hype, I don’t care to buy into pyramid schemes, and I rarely believe things like this actually work so if it wasn’t for someone I trust wholeheartedly I wouldn’t have tried it. Plus, there was a 60 day money back guarantee so what did I have to lose?

That being said it’s been one week since I started Triplex by Plexus and believe it or not I am actually starting to feel a difference.



I went ahead and ordered the Triplex which is a combo of Slim (pink drink), Biocleanse, and ProBio5.  On Monday morning I started my routine of 2 Biocleanse and my pink drink (which I love btw) and then 2 ProBio5’s in the evening before bed. Within just a couple days I began to notice a difference.

Let me start off by saying I love coffee. If you know me you know I LOVE coffee. I refuse to give up my coffee, period. So what I did was I  would wake up and immediately down  my pink drink. I love it and it tastes awesome so it’s pretty easy. You are supposed to drink it within a few minutes anyway so I down that and then have my cup of coffee once I get to work. Win/Win.

That very first day I noticed I was more alert than usual and more awake and no crashing later. It was actually kind of unusual if I’m being completely honest. Typically on my lunch break I feel like I need another jolt so I’ll get a coffee on my way back to work but I started feeling like I didn’t need it anymore. Now I’m addicted to this pink drink. I won’t go a morning without it now.

Some things I did start to notice by day two I was pretty bloated and by night two my stomach gurgled and talked all night long. I had some gas but not bad, it was mainly bloating. It was good to know that this is completely normal. Basically the ProBio5 is killing off all the bad yeast in my system and Biocleanse and Slim are aiding in eliminating the toxins from my body so detox symptoms can happen which could be headaches, increased urination, increased frequency of bowel movements, diarrhea (not severe), bloating / temp weight gain.

I’m happy to say that the few symptoms I had (bloating, slight gas, and frequent urination) have begun to subside. I’m not feeling the need for extra coffee nor do I even crave sodas. Over the weekend I began feeling much better when I wake in the mornings. I pop out of bed feeling rested instead of groggy and foggy headed. It was the same this morning as I woke at 6:30 am to get ready for work.

I think my biggest challenge so far is my water intake. I’m not a huge drinker anyway so trying to get in more water is definitely a challenge but I’m working on it!


All in all I’m rather impressed with Plexus. I went ahead and ordered X Factor Plus as well to add on to what I’m already using.

I’m no sales person but I did go ahead and sign up under one of my favorite people for the best price plus I figured if those around me wanted to know why I was feeling better I could send them to my site. If something comes of it then GREAT! But honestly I have a day job, I just wanted to begin feeling better. So far so good.

I am happy to report that this skeptic has been converted. I can’t wait to see how I feel after the first 30 days!

If you are interested in becoming a healthier you then check out Plexus on my site:

You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading!


A healthier Amber

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