High School Here They Come!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was holding one little premature baby in my arms while making sure my one year old ate all of her peas. Just yesterday I was still waking up at 3am to feed a little baby while my one year olds foot hits my face while she’s sleeping. I’m sad to say the days of pacifiers, diapers, sippy cups, toys, hair braiding, and clinging to mom are way over. Both of my girls are entering their first day of high school this week.


As I sat at their freshman orientation this past week my heart was full and yet breaking at the same time. Where had the time gone? When did my little girls grow up to be little ladies? I always knew they were teenagers but now they seem like much older teenagers. They are venturing into a new world that can make or break you. I can only pray that I help lead them on the right path.

My youngest signed up for marching band. Sounds good right? Well, while I still stand by the decision band camp the past two weeks almost broke her. It was one week of 8am to 5pm days and then a week of 8am to 8pm days in the hot sun, doing the same routines over and over, running laps, and praying for rain. By the end of the first week M had hurt her ankle. Thankfully my hubby took her to the doctor and he declared it a sprain. She rested it all weekend, elevated, and iced it as well. She was good by the next week. She was pushed to her limit many times but I’m happy to say it didn’t break her. There’s still much more to do and accomplish but I think the worst is behind her. Now I’m looking forward to being that crazy band mom that screams and hollers at all the Friday night football games.


A is just excited/nervous about starting high school. She’s writing more and more so I’ve equipped her with three notebooks to take to school with her. I can’t keep notebooks and journals in the house because she fills them up so quickly. Luckily her class room (she doesn’t change classes because of her autism) is right down the hall from where she walks in every morning.


I went ahead and blew a ton of money here recently trying to make sure both of my girls are ready for high school. We went back to school shopping last week and stocked up on school supplies and new back packs. This weekend we did the clothes shopping so they can be ‘cool’ and even had M’s hair done with pink high lights. School kids can be mean so I’m doing my best to make sure these girls fit in. Luckily they are going to the school right next door so they are going with most of the kids they know already but we all know it’s not easy being the small fish in a big pond. I just pray they are accepted and things go at least some what smoothly.

All in all I’m excited for my girls. These next four years will help shape them into young adults and hopefully begin to prepare them for the real world. Let’s face it moms can talk and talk and talk but they won’t hear it until it comes from ‘professional’ people.

Nevertheless I miss my babies being babies. I miss the days when they needed me to walk them to class those first few days. Now they are independent and heard strong and while they still need me from time to time they are already showing they can hold their own. That’s all we as mothers can hope for right? Raise smart, independent, self-confident, thriving, young adults. However, I will never not call them my babies. Freshman or not.

I have a really good feeling about high school for them. I’m not the same mother I was before. I’m better now, a bit wiser, and ready to tackle whatever they throw at me. So I hope they enjoy these last few days of freedom because before they know it school will be keeping them plenty busy.



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