Mid-thirty Teen Mom

20476210_10155550300852716_1094012755968107227_nI see posts on a daily basis about women being in their mid-thirties and battling with raising little ones. They are struggling to find balance, to stay somewhat normal, and trying to not lose themselves in the process. They deal with bed times, teething, tantrums, etc on the daily. Post after post I see these things and I wonder, what about the women in their mid-thirties who have teens? What about us? I don’t see that many posts about women who are between their 30s and 40s who deal with the daily struggles of raising teens. You think raising toddlers is hard, wait until they become teenagers! You’ll wish you could go back.


I’m not down playing the daily trials of raising small children. I’ve been there I know how hard it can be. But if I knew then what I know now I probably would have cherished those crazy moments a little longer. Now it’s not teething and not being able to use the bathroom by myself anymore it’s dealing with them awake at all hours of the 171471_10150091596797716_7817639_onight, anxiety, having constant talks about teens and suicide because another one of your child’s friends killed themselves, it’s band practice, exams, self esteem issues, talking about sex with your teen more than you ever wanted to but feel the need to remind them, worrying constantly, etc. I remember thinking when my kids were three, “I can’t wait until their older.” Now all I think is, “I sure miss when they were little.”



This day and age it seems as though we are dealing with issues that weren’t as talked about twenty years ago when I was 15. Teens these days are killing themselves left and right. Almost every day I hear about a teen suicide or my daughter tells me about a friend that’s talking about it. I have to remind her all the time that suicide is NEVER the answer and I make sure she knows she can talk to me. Whether I want to hear it or not she can talk to me. Talking is more important now than it ever was.

Body image issues is at an all time high. One day my daughter mentions that she hates her stomach then another day she tells me that kids call her too skinny. Teens these days have no idea what harm they are doing to body image. So I’m constantly reminding them that they are gorgeous.


Now it seems like we have something new constantly. My daughter is in band so it’s practices, ensembles, and trips. She just started high school and my wallet is already hurting.

Speaking of $$$, teens eat  A LOT!! I’m back and forth to the grocery store at least every couple of days. Now it’s not all their fault some of it is because I forgot something like I always do because my brain is so full with all these 1,000,000,000 issues that I can’t remember to add this one thing to my grocery list but nevertheless I’m constantly restocking my pantry. Not to mention there’s a new video game out practically every few weeks that my teen absolutely must have. Then there’s new jeans, new shoes, clothes they are constantly either growing out of or wearing out. Teens are expensive, yo.


18581725_10155293925567716_8047709289714709693_nAgain, I’m not saying toddlers don’t have some of these same issues but it seems like teens these days are more and more fragile, emotionally more than anything and it’s draining on a parent. There are all these ‘mom tribes’ for mom of small children but I don’t see as many for moms of teens. Maybe it’s because I had my daughters young so most mid-thirty moms do have toddlers and not teens but I know I’m not the only mid-thirty mom with teens and we need support as well.

Thanks for reading!




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