Raising my Autistic Teen

It hasn’t always been easy but let’s face it I’m sure having Autism isn’t easy either. Those with Autism have all these thoughts that they can’t really translate so that others understand. Their understanding of things is so very different than ours but as a mom I understand my autistic daughter better than anyone else and that is something I will always cherish.

As a two year old we were coming to grips with her autism diagnosis. Or I should say I was because she really didn’t understand that she was different. It wasn’t until her teen years that she really started to get the feeling that she wasn’t the same as all the other teens in her school. This has only bothered her a little from time to time like when she wanted to be in a ‘normal’ classroom but we had to explain that it wouldn’t be in her best interest and she wouldn’t learn as much in a bigger classroom.

The changes that I’ve watched unfold through the years have been nothing short of spectacular. She went from barely talking to talking all the time. Granted half the time we don’t understand what’s she’s talking about from one moment to the next but she’s happy to fill in the blanks. She used to wear headphones 24/7 to block out noises around her but not anymore. She’s learned how to cope with loud noises. They may bother her sometimes but she just covers her ears until it passes. Don’t get me wrong she still wears her headphones a lot but it’s to listen to music.


She used to be very to herself but now she comes out of her room, waves at whoever she sees, and says hi. She even does this in public when anyone makes eye contact with her. She makes eye contact all the time, with everyone, especially when she is talking.

She has reached that independent stage where she wants to do everything herself which is great but I have to step in to brush her hair and she hates it but that’s the only way it’s going to look nice. I’m sure she will get it eventually but until then I just keep making her mad.

I never imagined she would be this well rounded. She has exceeded all my expectations for her and this coming year she will begin her first year as a freshman in high school.


There are definitely still things to figure out like ‘will she be able to drive’? That’s the first one that’s coming up since she just turned 15. I try not to worry too much about the future since it is so unknown. My 14 year old daughter will ask me, “Where is she going to live?” To be honest I don’t have an answer right now. Will she live on her own? I don’t know. She may end up living with me for the rest of her life and that’s fine by me. But I can’t worry about these things right now. I’ve learned to take each thing one day at a time and celebrate our accomplishments as they come.

I couldn’t be more proud of the little lady she’s becoming. I look forward to whatever the future has in store for us.

Thanks for reading!


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