Raising my Autistic Teen

It hasn't always been easy but let's face it I'm sure having Autism isn't easy either. Those with Autism have all these thoughts that they can't really translate so that others understand. Their understanding of things is so very different than ours but as a mom I understand my autistic daughter better than anyone else … Continue reading Raising my Autistic Teen

High School Here They Come!

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was holding one little premature baby in my arms while making sure my one year old ate all of her peas. Just yesterday I was still waking up at 3am to feed a little baby while my one year olds foot hits my face while she's sleeping. I'm sad … Continue reading High School Here They Come!

Plexus ~ Week One

Exactly one week ago I decided to give Plexus a shot and see if I in fact started to feel better. Normally I don't do these sort of things. I don't give in to the hype, I don't care to buy into pyramid schemes, and I rarely believe things like this actually work so if … Continue reading Plexus ~ Week One

Sunday Night Cookie Dough Fun

  So I'm sitting here on a Sunday night dreading heading back into work tomorrow after being on vacation for a week and following tweets about the Bachelor in Paradise cancelling and I decided the only thing that could make my evening better was COOKIE DOUGH! I recently pinned a post by a blog:  Homan at … Continue reading Sunday Night Cookie Dough Fun

Savannah for a Family of Five

  After laying out all the options for our kids it seemed Savannah, Georgia was agreed upon unanimously. We did some research and decided on a 4 night stay. I had heard from countless people that you can do and see everything in Savannah within a 2 day period while now I do agree with … Continue reading Savannah for a Family of Five

Night/Day Vacay for Two

Thursday morning I walk into work, sit at my desk, take a sip of my iced vanilla latte, and pull up my email to find a message from my hubby, "Want to go spend the night in a train car tomorrow night?" My answer was an immediate YES!!! After a very long and stressful week … Continue reading Night/Day Vacay for Two

13 Reasons Why (A Torn Mom)

Unless you live under a rock I'm sure you've heard of the new series on Netflix called "Thirteen Reasons Why" that is based on a novel that has brought many issues to the public eye. Many issues that have always been there but yet aren't spoken of often. Why? Because they are too horrible to … Continue reading 13 Reasons Why (A Torn Mom)